You’ll Never Watch Alone  

Thank you Lulu Chang of Digital Trends. I love the first sentence of your story about the new app, “Uptime.” 

“In this day and age, you’re never really alone, even if there’s no one next to you.”

That really sums up the social media experience. Just the other day, a friend of mine asked me why so many people participate on social media platforms. While I answered him, I still think Lulu’s line is a good one.

Lulu was writing about a “new app from Google that wants to make your video watching experience a more social one.” 

Called “Uptime,” the app lets you connect with your friends via YouTube videos. All you do is sign in with your Google account, and then you find your friends so you can watch videos together. 

By the way, it’s very strange that Google developed this app for iPhone first, and not its own Android format. I guess it speaks volumes for iPhone’s popularity.

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