Politics On Social Media

USA Today ran a story the other day that said if you want to run for the President of the United States you better be on social media. Most politicians are making their important political announcements on Facebook and Twitter before traditional media.

Since many of you are not on Facebook and Twitter, I decided to bring Facebook and Twitter to you.

I did a little research and found a list of politicans who frequently use Facebook and Twitter. Don’t ask me why Paul Ryan is listed twice. I don’t make the lists but let me explain the numbers.

F—Facebook fans
If there is no F, that means the person is not on Facebook
+—the followers on Twitter today
T—the total number of followers on Twitter
Last number is the total reach on Facebook and Twitter

After you view the list of the 20 people I found, be sure to see recent political tweets from Romney and Obama.

Barack Obama
F 27,754,142
+ 24,490 Today
T 18,484,176

Paul Ryan VP
F 369,993
+ 7,980 Today
T 80,432

Mitt Romney
F 4,052,321
+ 5,757 Today
T 837,031

Paul Ryan
F 189,663
+ 183,640

Arnold Schwarzenegger
F 2,104,636
+ 2,516 Today
T 2,552,903

UK Prime Minister
+ 1,981 Today
T 2,061,265

Hugo Chavez
+ 1,916 Today
T 3,305,268

Queen Rania Al Abdullah
F 1,067,437
+ 1,424 Today
T 2,241,002

Shashi Tharoor
+ 1,092 Today
T 1,443,084

Nelson Mandela
+ 885 Today
T 212,435

The British Monarchy
F 580,233
+ 529 Today
T 375,789

Sarah Palin
F 3,464,345
+ 513 Today
T 816,346

Al Gore
F 81,158
+ 370 Today
T 2,475,254

Cory Booker
F 97,629
+ 284 Today
T 1,177,710

Nicolas Sarkozy
F 772,171
+ 243 Today
T 285,571

Kevin Rudd
F 70,657
+ 235 Today
T 1,140,498

Newt Gingrich
F 293,848
+ 234 Today
T 1,466,114

Gabrielle Giffords
F 146,714
+ 217 Today
T 93,499

John McCain
F 882,719
+ 193 Today
T 1,739,489

Sarah Brown
+ 188 Today
T 1,199,265

If there is an ‘h” sign in front of Obama or Romney’s name that means the comment was posted today and how many hours ago.
The date means which day the post was tweeted.

Mitt Romney

1h Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney
If your priority is creating more jobs and putting more people to work, that’s what we know how to do. #RomneyRyan2012

11h Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney
Higher unemployment, declining incomes, and crushing debt is not a new normal. America needs a comeback http://mi.tt/R4leel

11 Aug Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney
RT @PaulRyanVP Join America’s Comeback Team tomorrow in Waukesha, WI. Doors open at 4pm, RSVP and get tickets here http://mi.tt/P1ltEb

11 Aug Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney
On the deck of the USS Wisconsin with @PaulRyanVP. Excited to share our vision of a brighter future http://mi.tt/P8Unsk #RomneyRyan2012

11 Aug Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney
I am proud to announce @PaulRyanVP as my VP. Stand with us today. http://mi.tt/Romney-Ryan #RomneyRyan2012

10 Aug Mitt Romney‏@MittRomney
.@BarackObama can’t run on his record. America deserves better than a president who will do anything to stay in power http://mi.tt/MI1B4q

Barack Obama

2h Barack Obama‏@BarackObama
President Obama’s response to the drought affecting the U.S. is all hands on deck: http://OFA.BO/N2BGGb

3h Barack Obama‏@BarackObama
FACT: Paul Ryan endorsed a bill that would ban several common forms of birth control, including certain birth control pills.

4h Barack Obama‏@BarackObama
Make sure the women in your life know: Paul Ryan supports banning all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest.

4h Barack Obama‏@BarackObama
FACT: Paul Ryan would turn Medicare into a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay up to $6,350 a year more in health care costs.

5h Barack Obama‏@BarackObama
FACT: Paul Ryan supports writing discrimination into the Constitution with an amendment banning gay marriage.

6h Barack Obama‏@BarackObama
FACT: Paul Ryan voted against repealing the discriminatory policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Fire Sail

Today was all about going back 81 years to appreciate the safety advantages we have today thanks to digital technology. Cousins Elle and Milo invited us to cruise the Hudson River on a 1931 Fireboat called the John J. Harvey. The Fireboat has saved thousands of lives and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We cruised around Brooklyn and Staten Island and then up the Hudson River. Two major surprises: the Captain opened the water cannons to demo the power of the spray and the boat stopped to allow the passengers to swim in front of downtown Manhattan. Both experiences were definitely awesome.

It was also a very emotional time when we passed the new new towers on the site of the World Trade Center. Between 9/11 and the battles the John J. Harvey fought, I decided it was a good time to introduce you to a variety of free and low-cost smartphone apps that will keep you safe and secure. I wonder how many people would be alive today if they knew all about the safety apps tech writer, Kim Komando, talked about in a recent USA today article.

Red Panic Button ($3; iOS, Android). An alert is sent to your list of preset emergency contacts via email, text message and Twitter. Included in the alerts are your exact GPS location and a Google Maps link.

Disaster Alert (Free; iOS, Android). A list of all the active hazards around the world, including hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes and man-made disasters.

iMapWeather Radio ($10; iOS). The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides radio weather alerts for areas in the paths of hurricanes, tornadoes and other powerful storms.

Disaster Readiness ($2; iOS; $1.50; Android). A downloadable emergency preparedness guide. It contains more than 175,000 reference guides on how to respond to any disaster including wildfires, flash floods and terrorist attacks.

iTriage (Free; iOS, Android). Two emergency room doctors developed iTriage. You can search medical symptoms and learn about potential causes. It will also tell you the nearest medical facilities and provide turn-by-turn directions and ER wait times.
iTriage includes emergency hotlines for instant advice from nurses and doctors.

GotoAID ($5; iOS). Guides you through medical emergencies and disasters. This app also stores emergency numbers and helps locate relief centers. GotoAID also has a Morse Code generator and an Emergency Pulse beacon.







TV On The Web Is Now Getting Its Own Guide

A number of publications, including the giant USA Today, is publishing a daily guide to help Americans find the most popular TV (or video) shows on the web. Remember, the other day I told you that Jerry Seinfeld created his own TV show on the web called “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” That is one of just hundreds, millions and soon to be billions of video shows on the worldwide web. Tom Hanks has also created a new online animated series called Electric City

It was just a matter of time that someone tried to organize the TV shows on the web plus all of the alternative programming sites such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix carrying exclusive programming. USA Today is very proud to be one of the first big name newspapers that is doing this. In print, the new feature will appear on the TV listings page, and it will have its own dedicated spot online at tvontheweb.usatoday.com.

Here are some of the others available. You have to go through some of them to see what areas you may enjoy.

Be a video pioneer and search for new content. If you find anything that is worthwhile, let the rest of us know.

OVGuide is the destination site to search and discover free online high quality videos on the Web.
MediaChannel is a unique website that is dedicated to guiding web visitors to the “best” video content that can be viewed over the Internet.

Clicker is the complete guide to Internet Television.

TV Guide.com has a download column which covers television shows available for download or online viewing.