Walmart May Become Your Personal Assistant

Walmart is taking some aggressive steps to make sure they are your number one choice when shopping.

The discounter has just announced an official personal shopping service that combines “the convenience of eCommerce with the customized attention of a personal assistant.”

The new service allows customers to order any item they need with a text message. Walmart will deliver the products the same or next day for no additional charge.

One catch. There will be a monthly fee. Walmart feels there are enough people in America that would be willing to pay $50 a month for this major convenience. It’s like having a personal assistant.

The name of this service is called Jetblack. If you don’t like texting, you can call a Walmart representative. Don’t make that call just yet. Walmart is testing this new service now in a limited number of places and will then roll it out nationwide.

I will post more details when it is official. I just wanted you to know about it now..

Knock, Knock, I’m a Thief but Walmart Asked Me to Deliver Your TV


I have always been a nervous nelly. That is why I live in an apartment building. I like the idea of a doorman between me and the person coming to see me. I remember one time when we had a weekend house in Quogue, Long Island, my daughter Whitney answered the front door for a Jehovah’s Witness. She was around 10 years old at the time. I was a few feet away, but she ran to the door first. In my mind, someone could have snatched her in the doorway. I flipped out and begged her never to open the front door again unless she knew exactly who was on the other side.

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