Make A Commitment To Your “Uniqueness” For The Rest Of Your Life

If you only have one more hour left to your life, listen to this podcast. It will clear up a lot of questions you have had about your journey. If you want to really make a commitment to your “uniqueness”‘for the rest of your life, listen to this interview. There are overwhelming surprises sprinkled throughout.

Whitney was featured on the Unmistakable Creative podcast this week. Designing a More Self Aware Life.

There is a two minute commercial before the interview begins.


Bragging Rights 

They were just a few months old when they first met. Whitney Hess (l) and Veronica Belmont (r) were probably already computer geeks. Veronica’s  mom, Barbara, was my client at Coleco for a few years. This picture was taken in Barbara’s West Hartford, CT, home. Thirty-three years later both these gals are major personalities in the world of tech. 


Whitney Hess, Keynote speaker at     DrupalCon Conference 2015. She is a coach, writer, and speaker teaching people in the tech world how to bring their whole selves to their work.

Veronica now has her own show on the Engadget tech site. She is the go-to person for any question you may have about tech.  


Forget the DNA, This Proves She Is Mine

You can read Whitney’s words here or get the true flavor of her blog, called Pleasure and Pain, by clicking here. I am posting Whitney’s blog because I want the older generation to be aware of the challenges of the Internet. In no way do I mean to imply that anyone should not state their mind online. I just want people to realize that they may get attacked. You just have to develop a thick skin. Politicans, Hollywood stars, CEOs, and everyone famous knows what I am talking about.

Whitney Hess during her non digital hours

Whitney Hess during her non digital hours


Speaking Up

Posted: 06 Feb 2013 06:00 AM PST

Two days ago, a prominent designer named Sarah Parmenter published a post titled Speaking Up, in which she revealed the horrific harassment she has endured as a public woman in technology.

Sarah and I have spoken at the same conferences and share a lot of the same friends, and I have admired her ability to be so well-liked. I considered it her gift. I always assumed she’d never experienced any backlash from being outspoken and influential. I just figured she was better at it than I am.

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Happy 30th Birthday,Whitney !!! This One Is For You

Whitney Hess

My daughter Whitney has turned into a locavore. Her heros are Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp. She is very serious about saving the farms of America. Instead of accepting gifts from family and friends for her 30thbirthday, she asked everyone on her blog, called “Pleasure and Pain,” to contribute money to Farm Aid. Her goal is to raise $30K.

Basically, most of the money will be raised online.

Whitney explains, “Thousands of family farmers in the United States are pushed off their land every year. As large factory farms are replacing them, the quality of our food is severely diminished, and our environment and our food security is in danger.”

Details are spelled out so be sure to click here.

To read Whitney’s blog click here

Happy Birthday, Whitney. We are incredibly proud of you.