I Have Seven Games Going On At Once     

Words With Friends is a wonderful way to work your brain and keep in touch with people from your personal and business lives. I am now playing a game with people I met once at a party, childhood friends, neighbors, cousins, and business associates.

In all cases, I am delighted to be connected to these folks.  We challenge each other on the board, while chat-chatting on the private message board. It’s all very civilized.

It does get a little embarrassing when they are slaughtering me, but I also get uneasy when I am beating them. I often wonder what they are thinking when I create a word over 30 points,  I know what I think when a few of my competitors manage to score 60 plus points. I never think they are cheating. I become envious of their word skills. I wonder how they got so smart.

Words With Friends keeps you sharp and alert.